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Cottage License

Would you like to become a Cottage License holder for one of Darncat's Patterns? Below are some of the terms and conditions for holding a license, if you would like to apply please use the contact form, and include which pattern you would like a license for and what sales area and region you are selling to.

In order to maintain a high quality of garment Darncat requires that all potential license holders are either an already respected business with a track record of producing quality clothing or can produce proof of craftsmanship, this could be in photographic and testimonial form. Darncat reserves the right to decline any application without prejudice.

Cottage licenses are sold at the cost of $30 per pattern, unlimited use, lifetime license. Price subject to change at Darncat Patterns discretion, but any changes in price will not affect licenses already sold. Per pattern does not mean per design, the same design in a larger set of sizes which is sold as a separate pattern will need a separate license. The cottage license does not include the cost of the pattern which will need to be purchased separately.

The number of licenses will be limited to 5 online in any country or sales area - online meaning the items are available to purchase via a website, social networking or other internet based media. - sales area indicates the area which the license holder is willing to ship to. Further licenses may be issued to regional areas where the license holder sells via local craft markets, brick and mortar shops or other real world sales platforms that do not include online methods. License holders can hold both a regional and an online license at no extra cost (one license for both territories).

Darncat requires that license holders give appropriate acknowledgement to Darncat Patterns for the use of the pattern, for example “Jessie Junior Top design by Darncat Patterns”.

In return Darncat Patterns will give contact details on www.darncat.com of all license holders.

All license holders are required to sign an agreement to stay within the region and sales area they have applied for, and to maintain a standard of quality which will not reflect badly on Darncat Patterns, for example any seconds must be labelled as such and sold as such.

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