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Occasionally errors will occur in the patterns, when I find an error I will fix it and offer those who have bought the pattern a copy of the fixed pattern, below is a list of errors and the date from which they have been fixed. Patterns bought after the date will not be affected.

05/07/2011 - There is a small error on the Jessie Junior Top and Jessie Junior Plus patterns. The error doesn't affect the usability of the pattern in any way, but if you would like to get a fixed copy of the pattern please let me know and I'll arrange it.
The error occurs on page 18 of the Jessie Junior Top and 20 of the Jessie Junior Plus PDF's on the neck binding, the sizings on this neck binding say 80, 86, 92cm and should say 56, 64 and 72cm. This mislabeling should be reasonably self evident and shouldn't cause any problems sewing up the garments (I printed the pattern and constructed a couple of garments and didn't notice!) but I'm happy to provide a fixed copy if you would like.

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